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Our mission is simple; to connect UK companies and employees to the best experiences in the wellness sector.

We’ve partnered with the top fitness boutiques, spas, clinics, gyms and studios nationwide to ensure we cater for people's mind, body and soul. 

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Our corporate benefit platform enables companies to provide employees with monthly credits. These can be spent freely on any GoSweat experience, giving you access to an untapped customer base.


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GoSweat has free listing and commissions only apply on bookings. No long standing contracts mean you can freely withdraw at any point.

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Our corporate exclusivity gives you access to a unique market of +5000 employees nationwide. Connecting also makes your venue a top choice for team-building and appreciation events.

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You can sit back and relax while our dedicated team optimises your profile and handles all comms to boost engagement of local users.

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We only receive a small commission from bookings to deliver maximum value to both providers and users.

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