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Medallia is a fast-growing global company and market leader in Experience Management.  Naturally, they strive to optimise the experience of their own employees through supporting both their mental and physical well-being. In 2016, Medallia founded an initiative to promote company diversity and inclusivity.


Main benefits achieved

  • An increase from 7% to 53% in employee engagement from launch in September 2019 to January 2020.
  • A steady 6% engagement increase each month
  • Bookings on GoSweat have almost tripled from October 2019 to January 2020


Engagement with the gym membership offered at the London office was extremely low, with only 7% of employees making active use of it. Even the employees who did want to attend, found it difficult to manage their time around this and other work responsibilities. In addition, it seemed that regardless of the initiative put forward, it was always the same people participating, while others simply decided to “opt out”.

Our solution

Introducing GoSweat meant that  we could give employees at Medallia access to thousands of wellness venues and experiences near their office and home. The need for alternative forms of self-care was apparent even from their first 3 bookings: Heated Vinyasa Flow, HIIT and Street Dance. 

To cater for those who will always need more than 24 hours in a day, we decided to remove the “time and hassle obstacle” from the equation entirely.  Medallia’s most popular GoSweat experience was identified and brought right to their doorstep (literally). 

We booked a meeting room and contracted one of our trusted masseuses to enable employees to enjoy a massage session without even having to leave the office. An exclusive Medallia Massage Experience was also created  on the GoSweat platform for individuals to purchase and book a slot with their company credits at a time that fit their personal schedules.

The event was so successful that it is now a monthly regular and every time, slots are fully booked. The best part is that the excitement and buzz generated in the office surrounding self- care has inspired many people to take that first step in committing to their own well-being and book other experiences which interest them. 

The monthly engagement report which we deliver is hardly necessary now that it is so visible, both for employees and senior management, that  the well-being culture at the company is strengthening. 

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