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Team allowance

You choose the team allowance for your employees so that it fits with your company’s budget and aligns with your wellness program.

Employees will then have access to discounted wellness experiences and events and receive tailored comms to inspire them along their wellness journey ; providing the most value for money. 



Whether it is a virtual yoga class or a boxing session at your local studio, we will make sure you kick-off with a buzz-worthy event. This will maximise awareness and answer any potential questions, empowering your team to make the most of their new benefit. 

Healthy snacks and drinks, banners, tailored comms… we take care of the details so that you don’t have to.

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Motivate your employees with ongoing competitions, monthly massages and in-house wellness events designed to fit your company's wellness objectives. Importantly, these require zero additional administration from your side. 

See how we created a bespoke in-house package to inspire employees at Medallia on a monthly basis. 

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Explore insights

Visualise and track benefit utilisation. Use this data to both guide and get buy-in for your future initiatives.

Find out how we increased engagement by 600% at MoneySuperMarket, enabling a wellness-focused culture with benefits to the employer brand, productivity and budgeting. 

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