Work Wellness, Redefined

A flexible and inclusive wellness benefit designed to engage your employees wherever they are.
Give your team access to 1,000s of well-being experiences. From home-workouts to nutrition plans, sleep consultations to life coaching.

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Support your team virtually, through COVID-19

During this pandemic, and beyond, GoSweat can help you to keep your team connected and motivated, while taking care of their physical and mental health. 

How? By giving employees access to a weekly timetable of virtual classes and workshops, plus discounts of 1000s of online and offline wellbeing experiences. 

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Your benefits should be as unique and as diverse as your team.

Our multifaceted approach to wellness, and the high quality experiences we offer, cater for every body and mind.

Whether it is through online PT consultations, on-demand HIIT sessions or relaxing meditations, your employees will discover a wellness lifestyle that works for them.



Benefits should fit your lifestyle and not the other way round. 

Our range of wellness experiences empower employees to boost their productivity in the mornings, unwind at the end of the day, connect with a supportive community (physical or online) and to hold themselves accountable for their progress. 

GoSweat is built to accommodate the individual.


Tangible Engagement

Wellness doesn’t have to be a fictitious metric.  

We achieve an average 83% employee engagement vs 5.4% with traditional corporate gym memberships. You have full transparency and can enjoy monthly tracking through your exclusive employer dashboard. 

Unleash the unlimited power of well-being and witness an increase in productivity, resilience, camaraderie and positivity.

Simple. Flexible. Tailored to your team. 

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Your team is your most valuable asset

Surpass employee expectations

4 out of 5 employees prefer a benefit over a salary rise, nurturing a healthy and balanced work culture is fundamental to retaining your top candidates.

Strengthen company culture

Personalised and relevant employee benefits serve to sustain a people-focused culture. This is essential in a world where remote and flexible working have become the norm.

Become an Industry leader

Actionable insights to fuel your workforce are critical for your company to maintain a competitive advantage in an evolving market. 

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